Month: April 2018

Spring is a wonderful time of year, everything is turning green and mating season starts for turkey.  Gobblers become aggressive and are on the look out for hens, and family groups are becoming less close knit.  all this gives a hunter  the perfect chance to bag a big spring turkey.

Gobbles, crow calls, and a good raspy hen call are all sure to get a spring gobbler out in the open.  However the same thing applies during the spring as the winter, DON’T OVER CALL.  Avoid a distress call and lean more towards the challenges and the here I am yelps to get that big boy strutting right out in the open.

Unlike the fall turkey season (at least here in Oklahoma) rimfire rifles are not allowed for a spring hunt.  Shotguns with a nice tight pattern are a go too for this season.  Turkey are tough birds so don’t be surprised if it takes you a few shots to put one down and be prepared to do a little searching to find that bird you just harvested.

Always remember when out in the field during turkey season to avoid wearing white, red, and blue, these colors can make you a potential target. Keep that emergency kit ready, keep an eye out for snakes, and always remember your insect protection!