About Bubba’s Outdoor

Barry and Valerie Wieland

Blackwell, Oklahoma

We weren't always in to hunting and fishing. After taking ownership in 2011 of what looked to be a small cabin on the lake, we discovered an opportunity to serve the local hunters and fishers from the space. After some renovations and amassing inventory  of hard-to-get items, we opened Bubba's Outdoor Sports. Through the years, we've grown to love this business, our customers and the great outdoors. And, we're blessed to have a team of truly talented outdoorsmen and women that provide great value to our customers day in and out.

We pride ourselves on being "in-the-know" on much of what's happening in the area. If it's happening at Ponca Lake, Kaw Lake, Sooner Lake or any of the other great hunting and fishing spots surrounding our Blackwell shop, we're bound to be in the middle of the action in some form or fashion.


Bubba was the inspiration for our shop. He loved the outdoors as much as our patrons.
Conveniently located in Blackwell, Oklahoma, Bubba's Outdoor Sports is the outdoorsman's outdoor supply store. We're in-the-know when it comes to where the fish are biting as well as the best type of ammunition for a particular day on the hunt. We are the only shop to carry live bait year round (for those REALLY committed fishers) and stock a great supply of rods, reels, guns and ammunition; everything you need for success in the field!