When most people think about fishing they think warm spring and summer days with lots of sunshine and a cool breeze, but a true angler fishes all year round and reaps the rewards.  During the winter months it is easier to find large schools of fish and with the right bait you can nail some monsters.  Winter time is great for Blue Cat (Mississippi whites)  they are easier to find and being opportunistic feeders you can usually tempt them to bite in the first 30 minutes.


Blue cat tend to find deep channels and holes with easy access to feeding grounds when the temperature in the lake gets really low. Like all other fish species they are cold blooded so they don’t want to use a lot of energy to get a meal so having a good knowledge of where to find them in your home lake is a big key to a successful day on the water.  Look along dams, old river and creek channels, and deep holes near flats and points.

Bait is the second part of that, the big ones aren’t going to move to come get a 1″x1″ chunk of bait, use hole shad or 2″x4″ chunks of frozen cut bait.  The bigger the meal the farther they will move to eat it.  Now we aren’t saying that you are guaranteed to reel in a monster cat with every cast but knowing what to throw and where will definitely increase your chances of hooking into one!

Third key to winter time fishing is to keep yourself comfortable, you wont have the patience to find the fish if you are cold, hungry, or thirsty.  So keep stocked with warm drinks, clothes, and a nice supply of snacks while you are out searching for that monster bite!