Hunting & Fishing


A Good Source of Timely Information

Most of our staff are avid fishermen and hunters. We know the best places to go for the time of year and current weather conditions to maximize your hunting and fishing experience. Along with our working relationship with the local game wardens and the reports from other local fishermen and hunters, we are always in the know when something is on the move! 

Get the Proper Gear

We will help you get the right rigging, bait, lure, line, rod and reel. We can even help you pick out the best attractant, scent block, or apparel.  Plus, we’re bound to have a trick or two up our sleeves that you haven’t heard about! 

Rules and Regulations

Being that we are all avid outdoor sports enthusiasts, we are also fairly familiar with the rules and regulations (though we always recommend you verify with the game wardens if you have a serious inquiry). We also do deer, turkey, and paddlefish check ins. 

Additional Resources

Check out what Oklahoma Wildlife has to offer. You’ll find tons of great info like state records, self check- ins, and tons more.