Hunters use stands to conceal their movements, scent, and outline from deer.  Making Stands an important tool in any hunters arsenal.  There are many key features to look at when picking the type of stand you will use.  In this article I will break down the features and help you make your choice!


Permanent Stands

Permanent Stands are just that. Stands set permanently on private lands overlooking a specific hunting area.



Permanent stands provide comfort, protection from the weather, ease of use, and safety.


Permanent stands cannot be moved, change height, or adjust for wind direction. Hunters most often only use them on private land.

Temporary Stands

   Temporary stands are another type, these attach to trees and can easily be taken down and moved.   Highly adaptable in nature these stands makes them a great asset to have when hunting public land or land that is worked when deer season is not going.


Temporary stands also allow you to move on your property to follow new deer sign and the wind. Temporary stands are portable.  Temporary stands allow you to adjust your height.


Temporary stands provide little protection from the weather.  Constant maintenance is required and it has less stability than a permanent stand. You are also unable to make the stand extremely comfortable.