Finding a great fishing spot is one of the tougher things to do, especially around Memorial Day. But it’s not impossible!  The days are warm, the water is warm, and it has usually been just a little rainy. This combination makes fishing relatively easy if you know what you’re looking for. 

Current, Drop-offs and Structures

First, search out areas with good current. The water flow oxygenates and cools the water making it a perfect place for fish to stack up. Once you have found a spot like that, you are halfway there. Secondly, with the water being warm fish tend to go deeper, so find a drop off. The fish will gather around these drop-offs because they can move up and down the water column to control their temperatures and it’s easy for them to ambush prey. The final key is structure: grass, moss, sunken timber, rip rap, large rocks, or even just a little hill in the middle of the lake—these are all excellent examples of structure. Fish tend to hug structure for both protection from predators and the ability to ambush prey. On bright sunny days (which late May is known for) fish will hang close to structure; it gives them relief from the sun and a place to hide.

Some fishing spots to consider

If you are fishing Kaw Lake this Memorial Day weekend, here are a few spots to consider: Little Beaver Creek, Coon Creek, Bear Creek, below the dam, and where the Arkansas river flows into the lake. 

And, don’t be afraid to make your way back up into the creek system a little bit where you will find sand bass, crappie, large mouth, and several different species of catfish taking advantage of the spawning baitfish. Just be careful not to run aground! The creeks do get pretty shallow—less than 3 feet—in some places. 

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